i kissed a girl and i liked it

as if i didn’t already have enough to feel guilty about. i didn’t mean for it to happen. isn’t that what all cheaters say? i wouldn’t know…i’ve never cheated. i know i know…everyone says that. but i truly truly. oh i’ve thought about it. lots and lots. but i have never acted on it. but is it really cheating if it’s not with another guy? i think he might dig it if he knew i got down with a girl…or more specifically went down on one. he’d really dig it if he knew i liked it.

i wasn’t even sure if she was making a pass at me at first…i had no interest in losing my lesbian virginity. i just wanted to sleep of my overindulgence in illegal substances in a comfy bed instead of the couch. i felt this tingling on my thigh and my naive ass thought it was just the drugs. but it was too consistent to be a brain malfunction. i didn’t really know what to do. sorry if you were looking for the dirty details, but i went for it. it was a lot less awkward than i expected. just as fun though. that’ what she said over our shared cigarette. “that was fun”. and thats all that either of us said about it. rolled over and went to sleep. didn’t talk about it in the morning , or since.

now i can’t get that damn katy perry song out of my head. now what.


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