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not homesick…dogsick

i’ve never done a blog before. i never understood the point. who cares about my boring life. who want’s to read my poor spelling and bad punctuation. apparently you do. you’re still reading. that makes you just as much of an idiot as me. welcome to the club.

i don’t have anything groundbreaking to write about. so maybe i’ll just do the journal thing.

over a year ago i moved over 100 miles away from home to a) go back to school and b) move in with my boyfriend. away from everything i know. my friends. my dogs. my grandparents. my parents and brother. wait, is it bad that i put my dogs in front of my family. sorry. dogs are on my mind right now. that’s another topic. on the bright side, i moved away from the annoying members of my family too. don’t act like you don’t know who i mean. the loud obnoxious aunt that comes to visit every now an again prompting you to suddenly need a shower or a nap. a very long shower or nap. long enough that by the time your done she’s about to leave…oh i’m so sorry i missed your visit! and i get to work from home now too. which means bras and sometimes even pants are optional. it’s very liberating. except that my company requires a video camera to be on me at all times to make sure i’m not violating hippa regulations. which is very inconvenient when the room gets to cold or i need to pick my nose. but i do get to play world of warcraft all day as long as they don’t see my laptop. so that’s pretty freaking cool. actually, that’s pretty geeky. but i do it. deal with it.

i miss my friends and family a lot. but they never come and visit me anyways. even though it only takes an hour and a half to get here. so screw them. what i really miss is my dog. yeah, i said dogs earlier, but only one of them is mine. she’s just like me. likes to eat, poop, and lick herself. i’m still working on that last part, but man that’d be cool.

i want a new dog. but mr. my-way-is-better is sketchy about getting a new dog. in this case sketchy means scared. scared it’s too much responsibility. for who? you who is at work 9-6 every day? or me who is home all day every day? the one who will house train, feed and walk the dog. but no. mr. mwib needs more time to think about it. he’s just not ready yet. thank god he hasn’t accidentally knocked me up. he might be pushing me down the stairs by now.

p.s. to the p.c. crowd. sorry if you didn’t like that last line. perhaps you should stop reading my blog. it’ ok. i have no followers, 1 less than 0 is still 0 in this case. so turn off…tune out…and go off into the tech world to find someone with more sensitivity.